Into the wild

So that’s the movie I saw last night. I did love it. I watched it because some friends had recommended it, but I didn’t know it was based on a true story until the end (I even caught myself thiking, during the exhibition, that real life is not like that, but apparently it is).
Into the wild is about a guy who thinks his family is a lie and decides to look for a life of his own after he finishes college. He runs away without telling anyone, without any explanation. Only her sister seems to understand that he was looking for a new identity, a new birth. In my opinion he was trying to confirm his beliefs; trying to confirm it is possible to live and be happy without money and comfort, without being attached to other people. He does work, but only to get the money he needs to go to Alaska, where he intends to survive by hunting. He does make friends, but doesn’t hesitate to leave them in order to live his life and follow his dream of going to Alaska. Is it possible to be happy alone? Is it possible to be happy without having anyone to share the joy and overcome the pain? That’s what Chris (who changed his name into Alex during his journey) will tell us.



I just love the lack of commitment that comes along with Saturdays. Everything you do is already great, since it’s the first day of the weekend and if you stay in bed from morning to evening just resting that will be okay. I carefully cleaned my white Apple keybord and watched the two last episodes of my favorite series: House MD. I had a birthday party to go tonight but I didn’t feel like it. I’m thinking of watching a movie or reading a book (this is the one I’m currently following).

Twitter: do you care?

Especially while waiting for my period, I may be a little high-maintenance. Boyfriend doesn’t call, I wonder if he has stopped loving me; boyfriend calls, I wish that he didn’t because I wanted to take a nap. But when it comes to technology, I’m always an enthusiast. However, some things just don’t call my attention, and Twitter is one of them. Everybody’s talking about it, but I swear I don’t care what you’re doing right now and there’s no chance I would get addicted to such a website. Curiously, despite having been an ICQ fan centuries ago, I just can’t stand the MSN. What’s the point of talking bullshit to your friends online? When I try to use MSN, either I get dizzy among all those popping up messages from a dozen of eager friends who become furious if they don’t get answered soon, or I get my fingers aching for two days. I still prefer using my mouth to gossip.


Hormonal breakdown

If a psychiatrist saw me before my period, he would possible think I suffer from bipolar disorder. Why is it that I get to cry for anything, that I get angry for anything, that I feel guilty and loving afterwards, that I seem to lose a bit of the sense of reality? Argh.


What to take into account

Today I had two clients (students) debate what they thought was more important when choosing a career: money or love. Should one choose what he thinks has more chances of making him a wealthy person, or should one choose by what he loves to do, regardless of the money that may come -or not- in the future? Clearly, it’s impossible to predict how the market will behave: software engineers are doing well today, but who’s to say this will last? Who’s to say a lawyer makes more money than a teacher? It all depends, and I still vote for the love. But, also, who’s to say that people see life through the same glasses? They just don’t, and some of them may indeed be able to work with something they don’t truly love, go home at night and have a beer. What called my attention was that although one of the guys was so inclined to study something like Design that his eyes would even bright when he talked about it, he might end up studying Law. He’s a smart guy, which means he can become either a good lawyer or a designer, but the way he talks about Law shows no passion, no true interest, except the money. I can’t help but wonder: will he be happy with his choice?

Would you be able to hold your rage?

My husband and I have a strict rule: Never argue with your clothes on. If we are out and about to fight, we know that we have to wait until we’re home and undressed. By then we’ve usually forgotten what the trouble was about. Here.


Relationships A-B-C

Useful advices do come in papers, yet people don’t follow them:

Some of the reasons men stay in a marriage is that they have some intimacy in the form of shared experience and companionship with their wives, and if their reasons for being in an external relationship is for the sex, then they’re not going to leave their marriages. That’s not enough.

So if you want to find out how he really feels, draw some boundaries.

Say that you love him, that you have had a great time, but that you need some action if the relationship is going to continue.

There will always be young, unexperienced girls thinking it’ll be different for them. They have to see it to believe it.

Later in life, it’s just masochism.

What is normal?

Everyone seems to know, for himself, what is and what isn’t normal. But when we stop and think seriously about it, we may find out that this is a tricky concept. When we see someone who’s completely out of his mind, we easily know that person is not normal. When we see a… normal guy, working, taking care of his kids, making love to his wife, playing tennis with his friends at night, we can say he’s exactly that: normal. But where do we locate the line that divides sanity and insanity? There’s no right answer.

Human beings, normal or crazy ones, are part of our society, but some of them are unacceptable. What’s life like for them? Is it comfortable to live at a psychiatric institution, isolated and drugged most of the time? Certainly not. It would be a lot better if we could find a place for those people to live with dignity and to cooperate with our society the way they can - after all, they’re part of it as much as we are.

People who’ve had the chance to deal with so-called crazy individuals usually bring a common impression: a crazy person is extremely sensitive. Not only because they can’t cope with social demands, but also because they realize things - or they’re able to tell what they see, giving up on the moral cover that us, normal people, are subjected to. That’s why, perhaps, we usually aim strange looks to artists - writers, painters, actors, musicians and such. They dare to say what we would never express - we haven’t even dared to think about some of their messages. We know, of course, that not all the artists are crazy. But would we deny that there might live an artist inside every human being, even the craziest ones? Mainly the craziest ones, I would say.

What if we considered that art could be a way to include and accept those people among us? Wouldn’t both of us, normal and crazy ones, have benefits? We would benefit for hearing what they have to say, what they see and think. Could they be right? Couldn’t we look at ourselves, at our society, and think our acts from another point of view? After all, aren’t we always complaining that this world is going in the wrong direction? How could we find the right one if we deny to look inside and look at the relations we’ve been having with each other? On the other hands, the so-called crazy would finally feel useful, would finally feel they have the right to be a person… a person they already are.

P.S. This is just a reflection. I didn’t mean we shouldn’t offer psychiatric treatment for the ones who need it. Art is not a cure itself, but it surely helps - for all it includes.


This is just life...

I currently work at a high school, helping students find out what they want to do with their lives. Should I tell them I sometimes still have doubts on what to do with mine? This is a question that not only comes out when we must choose a career or an academic goal. Such decisions will keep coming back to our thoughts, just like they always did: - What will I do next weekend? - Should I date that girl? Should I do my homework? - Should I find a job, travel or keep studying while my father pays all my expenses?

Perhaps those questions seem the strongest, the most difficult they will ever have to answer. But it’s not like that. Jobs, money, friends and lovers will be parts of our days forever. We will always have to decide, and we won’t ever know we have made the right choice… unless we do make choices and experience things at our own risk. What is good about it is that, if we happen to make a bad choice, sooner or later we’ll be faced with another question and will have the chance to decide again.