Into the wild

So that’s the movie I saw last night. I did love it. I watched it because some friends had recommended it, but I didn’t know it was based on a true story until the end (I even caught myself thiking, during the exhibition, that real life is not like that, but apparently it is).
Into the wild is about a guy who thinks his family is a lie and decides to look for a life of his own after he finishes college. He runs away without telling anyone, without any explanation. Only her sister seems to understand that he was looking for a new identity, a new birth. In my opinion he was trying to confirm his beliefs; trying to confirm it is possible to live and be happy without money and comfort, without being attached to other people. He does work, but only to get the money he needs to go to Alaska, where he intends to survive by hunting. He does make friends, but doesn’t hesitate to leave them in order to live his life and follow his dream of going to Alaska. Is it possible to be happy alone? Is it possible to be happy without having anyone to share the joy and overcome the pain? That’s what Chris (who changed his name into Alex during his journey) will tell us.

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