This is just life...

I currently work at a high school, helping students find out what they want to do with their lives. Should I tell them I sometimes still have doubts on what to do with mine? This is a question that not only comes out when we must choose a career or an academic goal. Such decisions will keep coming back to our thoughts, just like they always did: - What will I do next weekend? - Should I date that girl? Should I do my homework? - Should I find a job, travel or keep studying while my father pays all my expenses?

Perhaps those questions seem the strongest, the most difficult they will ever have to answer. But it’s not like that. Jobs, money, friends and lovers will be parts of our days forever. We will always have to decide, and we won’t ever know we have made the right choice… unless we do make choices and experience things at our own risk. What is good about it is that, if we happen to make a bad choice, sooner or later we’ll be faced with another question and will have the chance to decide again.

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