Twitter: do you care?

Especially while waiting for my period, I may be a little high-maintenance. Boyfriend doesn’t call, I wonder if he has stopped loving me; boyfriend calls, I wish that he didn’t because I wanted to take a nap. But when it comes to technology, I’m always an enthusiast. However, some things just don’t call my attention, and Twitter is one of them. Everybody’s talking about it, but I swear I don’t care what you’re doing right now and there’s no chance I would get addicted to such a website. Curiously, despite having been an ICQ fan centuries ago, I just can’t stand the MSN. What’s the point of talking bullshit to your friends online? When I try to use MSN, either I get dizzy among all those popping up messages from a dozen of eager friends who become furious if they don’t get answered soon, or I get my fingers aching for two days. I still prefer using my mouth to gossip.

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