What to take into account

Today I had two clients (students) debate what they thought was more important when choosing a career: money or love. Should one choose what he thinks has more chances of making him a wealthy person, or should one choose by what he loves to do, regardless of the money that may come -or not- in the future? Clearly, it’s impossible to predict how the market will behave: software engineers are doing well today, but who’s to say this will last? Who’s to say a lawyer makes more money than a teacher? It all depends, and I still vote for the love. But, also, who’s to say that people see life through the same glasses? They just don’t, and some of them may indeed be able to work with something they don’t truly love, go home at night and have a beer. What called my attention was that although one of the guys was so inclined to study something like Design that his eyes would even bright when he talked about it, he might end up studying Law. He’s a smart guy, which means he can become either a good lawyer or a designer, but the way he talks about Law shows no passion, no true interest, except the money. I can’t help but wonder: will he be happy with his choice?

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