Life in a second language

Life in a second language isn’t easy. Even if you already know that second language, if you’ve been studying it for ages, once your life actually depends on it, you’ll be now facing new accents and new paces – including your own. You’ll be having to repeat many things a couple of times and ask people to repeat some idiot comments, things that didn’t need to be repeated, that didn’t matter that much.

You won’t understand some jokes and you won't be able to tell them – or you will prefer not to, because slow and truncated jokes won't make anyone laugh. Therefore, some people will think you’re too serious and even boring.

You won’t always make the best word choices and you will sometimes seem stupid. You will feel like telling them you’re not dumb and you may even talk to them in your native language just to show you’re able to speak like a human being. That doesn’t work quite well, though: you'll probably sound even crazier when you're saying foreign words. Just don’t give up, my friend. Don’t give up. You’ll make it.