In life, everything is about connections and how connected we feel...

Connections help us have a feeling of identity. Identity is fundamental, but can also be limiting.

Who can we be? Who can’t we be?

Our lives are personal stories that make sense to us in one way or another.

At a given point, we all stop and wonder what we’re doing here.

What are the problems that we want to solve?

How would our lives be without these problems? How would we feel, what would we think, how would we act?

Where do we want to get?

What will our contribution to the world be?

What’s important for us in life? What’s important for us now?

What are the roles we’re playing? Husband/wife? Son/daughter? Worker? Student? Citizen? Are we doing well in all of them? Why?

When do we feel happy? Where are we, in what scenario? With whom? Doing what?

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