Boundaries and acceptance

Is it possible to have a world where everybody is happy and tolerant towards each other's cultural background? I would love, love, to say yes, believe me. This is, however, a little - or a lot - utopic. Sorry. 

Some people don't want to see that. I know it's hard. I know it'd be great to see John Lennon's dream come true: "and the world will live as one." Remember: this song is called "Imagine". For now, that's all it is - imagination.

But... but... No buts. Yes, we don't have to treat other people the same way they treat us. But we have to be careful. It is, indeed, a battle. And there is a point where, if we don't set limits, we'll lose the fight. Losing the fight may mean losing our identity, our culture, all the rights we have acquired, rights that make us feel "civilized". We can't be too naïve . Not everyone is "civilized". Not every country. Not every person. Sorry again. That would be beautiful, but that's not what happens.

Everybody now wants to be politically correct. Everything seems to be offensive. There are social justice warriors everywhere. Donald Trump is there to show how much of an exaggeration it is. And his supporters are the people who are tired of this kind of hippie world. We can't, or we shouldn't, protect what, or whom, we don't know. We need to see certain things to believe them. We have to understand why certain people are "discriminated" against or "victimized". Just because you are part of a minority, that doesn't make you a good person.