4 lessons an immigrant must learn

Here's what being an immigrant has taught me:

1) Adapt: respect the law, 
be more reserved at first,
observe other people's behaviour, 
learn the new culture,
the lingo, 
and follow the rules.

2) When in Rome, do as Romans:
watch TV,
make local friends:
that will help,
even though you’ll never have
the same cultural references as them.
Don't get angry or desperate: 
learn how things work: banking, 
writing your resume, getting a job.

2) Start your life all over again:
enjoy, try new food, 
talk to people from other countries,
and learn about things you never knew were possible 
or even existed. 
Reinvent yourself.

3) Don’t live in ghettos.

4) You’ll miss your family, 
and that is the worst part--
but try to live in the moment 
and be thankful for the opportunities 
your life has brought to you.

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