Five signs that you need to change jobs

1) You feel reluctant to go to bed because I don't want to start a new day.
2) You drag yourself out of bed because you don't want to do what you need to do.
3) You just don't care about your outfit, hair, makeup: all you want is to make it back home.
4) You lack patience, motivation, and passion.
5) You're not being productive or you're not doing your best.

When you are passionate about what you do and you know you can do it well, but you suddenly find it hard to go the extra mile and start swimming against the tide, it will bring three consequences:

1) you'll feel tedious;
2) you won't be able to use your skills;
3) you won't be able to survive in a competitive world.

So, if you're not happy, ask yourself: is it something temporary, or am I over and done with it? If you realize you just can't keep going, you definitely need a change. 

The next step will be to find out what kind of change it will be. Are you willing to move along with your career, or would you like to try something new?

Does it scare you? You just have gather enough information so as to make the best decision. 

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