Harder than I thought... or just panic?

Two days ago, it got really hard, friends. Not that it was difficult. I just panicked. It's frustrating not to know how to solve a problem, a logical one! I think it's because I've never studied algorithms (I will, though), and because I hadn't been using Math in a while. Sometimes I get to make the connections and it clicks, but this is only because I do have a solid basis in Math, and because I like to think abstractly and analytically.

On that same evening, fortunately, I got back on track. I still haven't figured out the best way of learning, I mean: should I go back and repeat similar exercises over and over, or should I try to understand more difficult tasks, so that I can at least become aware of the possibilities out there? It's great when I ask a question that has already been asked on Stack Overflow and I get to see different ways of solving a problem. I've noticed that the ones that make more sense to me are the ones I couldn't think of because I had no idea Python included such semantics. I don't know whether it makes sense to anybody else but me. Little by little, things seem to get together. Little by little, I said - and I mean it. But I will succeed!

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