My new journey: it's never too late for a change

I love teaching. I love writing. I love languages. I love helping people. But I also love Math, and Chemistry, and music, and arts. I've always been interested in way too many things to get stuck in just one without feeling bored after a while. I think my mission in life is all about learning and experimenting, and I've already come to terms with that.

We may make changes (and career changes, for that matter) when we have the opportunity and the desire to do so. We evolve as human beings, and we're not the same we were when we finished high school and had to make "the choice of our lives". As times goes by, I think this idea has become more accepted in our society, so going back to school when you wonder whether you're too old for that shouldn't be a big deal. 

Just over a month ago, I was at a university open house, getting more information about the courses I was willing to take in order to get a new certification, in a field I had never tried before: Computer Science. As I said before, I love Math, and was the best student in high school (that, in another millennium, of course). I took two university entrance exams for "hard science" degrees: one for Math, another for Software Engineering. Both times, however, I had also taken entrance exams for other degrees: Journalism and Psychology. I had been accepted for all of them, but both times I went for the humanities. I've had great experiences in both fields I chose, and they are part of what I am now. I learned a lot about people and even became more social (or was able to pretend to be an extrovert, while my soul has always been the one of an introvert, up to now). But I realized that people won't bite you if you talk to them, if you ask relevant questions, and that it's relatively easy to have an engaging conversation.

Right now, though, I am craving for new challenges. I've considered a lot of factors: time, investment, curiosity, possible outcome etc. -- and decided the time was just right to give hard science a chance. I could have changed my career just a bit. I could get a higher degree in the area I'm working now. I could just change jobs. But I picked the toughest path. Maybe not the longest one, though, but certainly the toughest, which happens to be the one that will possibly bring a more positive outcome with it. I think I deserve this. I think I deserve not only a change, but also a chance. I need to give the nerd inside myself a chance, because I suddenly realized that I deserve something better -- it just happens, for a variety if reasons, that the time has come to fight for it.

Two weeks ago, I've started teaching myself Python. It's been the most difficult thing I've ever studied, but I will prevail. (It's a matter of honour as well!) I will write about my progress here, because I don't intend to give up. My first class towards the certification is set to start in a couple of weeks, but I know I will have a lot of work to do on my own to catch up, prepare, go further. I'll keep my job in the morning, study by myself in the afternoon, and attend classes at night. 

Yes, I've succeeded in many things, from school to work. But it has never been easy. It is not easy. Learning is one of the things that depend only on ourselves, our motivation and dedication. Let the game begin.

Thank you.

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