Long time, no see

My classes have started. And they started by Java, so I've decided to put Python aside for now. It's not that different when you're a beginner, anyway.

I missed the first day and went straight to the lab. I had never seen that software Eclipse, so I had no idea what to do, and the professor wasn't being very helpful until I insisted. Once I got started, I could do the exercises fairly quickly. They were not hard. But when you're confronted with a software you're not familiar with, someone has to either tell you how it works, or you need some time to figure it out, time that I didn't have at that moment.

Just today, I was watching some videos on algorithms. I think they're pretty helpful, since programming languages themselves seem to follow the same pattern or logic. Coding is a little addictive. Even though it's kind of boring at first, the challenge keeps you going and the problems get stuck in your head. I can't wait to do something really useful, but I think it might take some time. 

I took some days off, but I'm planning to study every day now, even though I went back to my part-time job. 

I'm excited but I could be more, I mean, I feel I'm not doing anything meaningful except learning the basics - which will apparently be helpful in the future. I want to be a good programmer, not just a fair one. Will I get there? I don't know. But for the next three months I'll at least acquire some new skills.

If you're reading this, you're welcome to leave your comments.

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